Wolf Update


So I have a week off work and have come down to London for a long weekend for some much needed catch ups with my bestie as well as seeing my biggest brother who relocated here last year. I’ve got a few hours to spare so I will do a quick update which I’ve been meaning to do for a while but it seems time just does slipping away from me with other projects and work getting in the way.

First of I blogged not long ago of my wolfy having gone through surgery to remove what thankfully turned out to be a lipoma from her ribcage.With no great surprise she bounced back within a short space of time and yesterday, just over two weeks from her operation, she had her stitches removed. It was pretty much the day after that normal service resumed and it was hard trying to encourage her to take it easy when her nature is want to go out and trek for miles on end, but she soon got the message when she was puffed out after a quick chase round the garden.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.29.03It is always amazing to see anyone or thing pull back from a health scare but the fact she had pretty invasive surgery only two weeks ago and to be back almost back to full health within that time is pretty astounding. The only remains now are a big bald patch which is getting fluffier by the day and a wound healing over quite nicely.

As for myself I’ve had a mildly busy time at work with a film festival but have starting looking into alternative career options and study paths to get there, that is in its very early days so I won’t talk about it until I’ve got the ball rolling a bit more. The only change has been the hair colour (again). I am a natural dark blonde which I have been for a few months but fancied a change and so opted for platinum.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 12.34.57

I just used a generic premium home hair kit for bleaching but was really impressed with L’oreal Feria Pastel Toning which adds a subtle colour to your hair all depending on how long you leave it in. It seems to work and feel a lot like Directions semi permanent dye which I have used for years and slather my hair in daily to add an extra silvery tone to my hair. The shop only had the L’oreal toning in pink which was my least favourite but I opted to have a go, however if I see the lilac colour I will be snapping up numerous bottles as the quantity lasts forever on my short hair. The downside is that the colour is as it says; temporary and fades very quickly wash by wash so it’s not ideal if you don’t fancy topping it up. However it’s not messy to apply at all and can be applied as a generic conditioner on your hair when in the bath/shower and left for just five minutes to start adding a hint of colour.

So that’s me for now… I will most likely do an update at some point next week as regards my weekend in London so keep your eyes posted for that. There are some new film reviews over at www.lipstickfilms.com to pass the time if you so wish to check out!



Answering the Cinemagoers Questions.


Ian Loring published an online article for Verite magazine yesterday in response to the outrage at the technical problems that arose during the Unlimited screening of The Raid 2 on Monday night. Whilst fair in his article at the great aspects of Cineworld; the Unlimited card in itself is a god send to many film fans and the range of films screened are much more diverse than its competitors.Ticket2

However, the cinema chain does have it’s downsides and as an ex-employee I guess I have inside information. However, I worked for this company for five years and in this time both loved and hated aspects of the different job roles I was lucky and fortunate enough to have a go at, like anyone in any job. The one role I championed was the role of Projectionist; yet this article quite honestly threw up the questions asked by moviegoers as to why like so many other cinema chains, have they sacrificed a technical department when their main job is to screen films?

I’m here to give you the inside information of what happened when the digital conversion took place and why this cinema company and many others are failing at being able to stick to their old high standards of cinema projection. The simple fact is; projection doesn’t exist anymore. When the conversion took place the Technicians had the opportunity to stay and become a ‘generic’ customer facing manager or take redundancy and leave; of course with many having worked in a technical department for decades they took the money and ran, and rightly so in my opinion. The team members who became Projectionists were put back down in customer facing positions or quite simply left the company for pastures new and moved on because their time came to an end when the respect for their skills were so quickly diminished. So what did this leave behind? No one.

Whilst some sites still had old Technicians working within an Audio Visual Management position, the time they had to actually work within the booth dropped from 40 odd hours a week to about 8-10 hours. As standard 35mm films would be checked before being released to public viewing, but with strict KDM ropes locking them out until midnight on the day of release it gave little chance for anyone with the right knowledge to have time to sit and check new releases. The shift to digital became even bigger as projectors quite literally ran on their own schedules but with constant technical glitches it meant for shows failing to run on time, but when the AV manager isn’t about, who’s going to deal with the non start? In the first weeks of the digital switchover my phone was ringing off the hook from panicked managers dealing with technical issues and no idea how to resolve simple issues because they simply had no training or knowledge of what it’s like to work in a Projection booth.0062799.JPG

The only training I witnessed within the site I worked at was a two-day intensive digital training session from some arrogant lothario high within the technical side of the company. As you can already tell I wasn’t his biggest fan; he chose to train three managers in the middle of a still running 35mm booth, declaring loud and clear his derogatory opinion of Projectionists and the unnecessary expenditure they inflicted on the company. The training he gave? A company guidebook that taught more about Health & Safety and what equipment we had opposed to how to fix issues, how to create playlists and what aspect ratio even means.

The simple fact is the company stupidly thought they could replace a full time Projection team with a seven-hour shift once a week, and still somehow expect the same standards of output. When customers are facing £15 a ticket they expect to receive the best standards, and when more of the audience are regular cinemagoers thanks to the Unlimited card, they know more about what is expected to give a perfect viewing. Directors, editors, cinematographers don’t put in years of hard labour for their final product to be so carelessly projected to the eventual audience which not only taints the cinema experience but also the film itself.

The argument of 35mm vs. digital is now redundant in itself and in effect a lost cause; many independent cinemas thankfully still champion traditional film format and the need for a Projection department, whereas corporate cinema pulled the plug years ago.

However, the argument for some form of fully trained Projection department is still entirely valid as cinemagoers are losing out because of the lack of skills, knowledge and experience in a technical environment within each cinema. It’s been nearly two years since the conversion where I used to work and progress is slow as regards interruptions and film catastrophes. For me I think it’s time Cineworld and many other corporate cinemas swallowed their pride and reintroduced a full time Projection team. The money they would save by having a pair of eyes watching each screen opposed to losing showings thanks to unprepared and overworked managers with no knowledge is justifiable within itself. Do I see it happening? Unfortunately, not anytime soon.

Brighten Your Day


It’s safe to say that this year has been a hard one so far. Although starting a new job was a fantastic new adventure, my Dad’s poor health and now the wolf in need of surgery really begins to weigh you down when you’re working a full time job. Therefore you need to be reminded of the simple things in life that are around you to make you smile and keep you going the tough times; it can become so easy to fall down the rabbit hole to rock bottom if you don’t keep paddling. I always feel we’re like ducks; above the surface we’re cool, calm and collected, but underneath we’re all paddling frantically to keep afloat.

My aim this year was to get fitter which I am doing day by day, by jogging more instead of walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift and replacing sugary cravings with a nice cup of green tea instead. It is already made a huge impact on my energy levels and also my mental health giving me a clearer mind to deal with everything going on. I hope by the end of the year to be three stone lighter and back in all those clothes I used to adorn before depression took its toll on my waistline. If you check out my Instagram I will aim to keep you updated with progress and ideas for healthy meals as well as my updated wardrobe which I cannot wait to get on with.

Alongside working full time I have decided to set up all these little projects of mine that I’ve been putting off for a while. Whilst I was extremely lucky to be picked as a contributor for JGL, it just wasn’t always my scene so I have decided to set up Lipstick Films where I can have my own space to review films and television; it’s good practise for my writing so I can become more confident to invest further into my fictional work. As well as this I am going to make the most of the wonderful nature on my doorstep so there is also Love the Shire, where I will be posting adventures in and around the Peak District as well as eventually giving independent businesses the chance to profile themselves and hopefully reach a wider audience.

All in all I’m keeping myself busy but I’m not forgetting to take time to take care of me. Even something as simple as buying yourself some flowers is a good enough treat to admire every day and remember there is always a positive reason to keep paddling those little duck feet under the water.

K x



The Wolf Diaries


So the story goes that my wolf had a suspicious lump on her side that seemed to be growing quite quickly in a short space of time, she didn’t seem to be suffering from any discomfort or pain but it’s always best to get it checked out than live in denial. It’s been about a year since her near death experience from extreme jaundice and pancreatitis so it was a good excuse to take her to the vets for a bit of a check over which we did last Friday. The vet took some samples from the lump but was a bit wary of its position so thought it best to just have it removed, which she has done today and proved she is one brave resilient husky.  Thankfully the lump was just a lipoma which is just a pocket of fat and that was scraped out (anything more sinister meant we may have had to go down the chemotherapy/radiotherapy route). She’s due for a check up in a couple of days but is on strict bed rest for two weeks and they need to keep an eye on her higher than normal liver enzymes, but other than that the worst is over and she’s on the road to recovery. I have taken some pictures of her today after surgery and will be able to monitor her healing process over the coming weeks, as well as how quickly her comical shaved patch grows back out.

She has proved how strong animals are even when undergoing surgery and how she has bounced back in just a mere few hours. I couldn’t be a prouder wolfmother right now

K x




Nivea Haul


It seems my skin is sensitive to everything lately so I’ve been taking extra care of avoiding breakouts and thanks to Tesco I managed to get a massive haul of Nivea products at a bargain price. I started off just with the toner and night cream but they were already making a big difference so opted to expand the collection with the Micellar Water, BB cream and some more nourishing day moisturisers as my Garnier one was beginning to prove less effective. They are all currently on sale for around £3-£5 each and I will most definitely be stocking up because they have done wonders with my skin. See below!




The light moisturising day cream is actually quite heavy and it takes a while for it to sink in so I recommend you give it a good ten minutes before wanting to apply any form of heavy foundation as it takes its time buffing it all in cleanly. However with an SPF of 15 it is a great product to use for those no make up days knowing your face is protected from the sun. The Vitamin E sinks in and I’ve always noticed when this is included because within a matter of hours my skin feels smooth and fresh. Definitely recommend once you’ve finished with the toner in the morning.


Speaking of toner this is a great product when you’ve removed all your make up and want a bit of freshening up before putting on your night cream, it’s also fantastic in the morning to wake up to. It is obviously fragranced, although not a bad scent by any means but if you like products to be scent free then avoid this one.


I watched a on video on Daily Mix months back about skincare routine and how face wipes are the worst things to use at the end of the night to remove make up so I was intrigued when I saw this. I’ve been using it every night to remove make up or even just to clean my face when I’ve not been wearing anything, it is absolutely brilliant! It is so much more refreshing than face wipes and it feels so much more invigorating and cleansing before putting on your toner. I definitely recommend, it takes longer to clear your make up with this but the end result is a million times better on your skin.


These two little pots are the stronger creams I use, the night cream is very heavy and definitely best to put on just before you go to sleep to give it time overnight to sink into your skin. In the morning I’ve noticed a huge difference with my skin feeling smoother and a much easier base to apply any make up. The express hydration primer is more fluid like and a great primer for foundations plus it works perfectly alongside the BB cream (not pictured) which is dark considering it’s a light tone, however it blends in very well and the coverage is much stronger than any other BB cream I’ve used. It is very moisturising like it suggests and needs powdering throughout the day but it is a great alternative to heavy foundations when your skin is feeling sensitive.

Have a go with these products yourself, you can get the lot for around £15 from Tesco at the minute, I definitely recommend them!

K x

How to Comment


Like most things in life when you voice an opinion on something, someone will disagree. When you’re a writer it is best practise to voice your opinion in an articulate and sensible manner allowing all sides of the argument to be fought for. However, it is not my journey for me to write my opinion only for others to bash, put down and respond in an arrogant and insensitive manner assuming that I’m an idiot because they disagree with my opinion. Unfortunately the general reaction from people who write a comment on particular blogs is derogatory and almost like telling a child off for bothering to post their work, they forget the person, the brain and the heart behind the author merely because it has been published online. It did hurt me but now it just pisses me off that if you’re going to bother to respond, do so in a creative and articulate manner and not the Neanderthal caveman “you’re wrong, I’m right”. Because I can guarantee if you respond in that manner I will be either deleting you or telling you to go fuck yourself.

I am open to debate, I am open to intelligent arguments but I am not open to insensitive a-holes who think they sit on their own throne and are allowed to wave their right of opinion in such a pretentious and unworthy manner. If you care that much then get off your backside and write your own blog post instead of infecting others with negativity, it just makes you a lazy bully. Be a writer. Be an artist. Don’t be a dickhead. Most of this I unfortunately get from the film fan base where many assume because they know more, they’re entitled to more. It’s art like anything else and just because I haven’t memorised the filmography of every writer, director or runner doesn’t mean I am not entitled to an opinion.

So for all those of you, who disagree with any opinion, think before you speak. Think of the person behind the writing and if you want to argue your case then do so in an intelligent, articulate and clever manner. The whole point of debate is to write and argue persuasion, not to just piss someone off and hurt them. They’re a person with an opinion and they’re allowed one as much as you.

Spread love, encourage positive feedback and teach them what you know instead of infecting negativity.



Rainy Seaside Sunday


I’ve had three days off work so have made the goal to do something on each of them as not to waste any precious time free to myself; on top of that the wolf had her annual vet trip the other day and it looks like she’ll need surgery in the coming weeks so I wanted to make sure we get as much fresh air as we can before she needs serious rest and relaxation after her anesthetic.

I had a huge urge to visit the seaside so we went to the nearest place we could, Cleepthorpes. Just over an hour drive from where I live, it isn’t the prettiest and cleanest of places but it is just enough when you desperately need some fresh sea air in your lungs. It was extremely busy when we first got there but soon died down once the weather turned bad in the early afternoon and we were even treated to a thunderstorm whilst sat on the seafront.

There is something so heavenly about sitting and watching the ocean, I’ve always been a water baby at heart and it is still my dream one day to live near the ocean and be able to be inspired by it’s vast beauty all the time. If you happen to be in the Yorkshire region then definitely visit Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington for the best of the North Coast in England.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend yourself. Here are some shots I captured today.

Kat x

The boating lake cafe where we had a gorgeous hot chocolate. As you can see the awful weather behind was settling in and the clash of good to bad meant we had a thunderstorm whilst on the seafront.

The boating lake cafe where we had a gorgeous hot chocolate. As you can see the awful weather behind was settling in and the clash of good to bad meant we had a thunderstorm whilst on the seafront.

Gorgeous cherry blossom in the park.

Gorgeous cherry blossom in the park.

Something about this tree struck me, such a beautiful statement in the boating lake.

Something about this tree struck me, such a beautiful statement in the boating lake.

The seafront during the worst of the weather. The tide was out and the heavens opened so we had to quickly take shelter.

The seafront during the worst of the weather. The tide was out and the heavens opened so we had to quickly take shelter.

My wolf as we hid in shelter, you can see the raindrops on her face. Great shot of her, one of my favourites.

My wolf as we hid in shelter, you can see the raindrops on her face. Great shot of her, one of my favourites.


Dark Bunny Tees


For all the film and television fanatics of the world there is nothing more special than feeling part of a fandom and showing it off in your own subtle and unique way. If you love collecting unique t-shirts and showing off your fandom plus you want a piece of unique awesome artwork then definitely check out Dark Bunny Tees; I’ve already started a mini wardrobe of my own collection with most of the shirts from the Cornetto Trilogy and now Sherlock as the great new designs have dropped with many more to come. There an absolute steal for £18 each and the customer service is always great with friendly interaction from the designer himself on Twitter.

Check it out! https://twitter.com/DarkBunnyTees

And All That Could Have Been


A couple of summers ago I went to London on a tourist trip with my bestie Clare and on the long bus ride home I was sat plugged in staring into space listening to Nine Inch Nails. I soon realised I had a particular song on repeat for quite some time and I was just watching the world go by opposite me out of the window, all the troubles of the world seemed to fade away and everything felt calm and at peace. I had not long ended a long term friendship with a guy who changed me in many ways and even introduced me to new music such as Nine Inch Nails; for a long time I felt I was grieving something that never really was.

However the sun shining on my face and these lyrics made everything fade into black and it was a moment I just needed to record so I could always have it with me. The video recording itself is shoddy and filmed on my iPhone resting on my knee and just grey scaled in post editing to remove some of the colour. My only wish would be to re-record this moment on traditional film or in better quality and have a slightly better professional stab at it; but hey ho you can’t have everything. I’m just so glad I have this moment on video so I can go back to it whenever I feel like I’m stuck in a moment and I need a jolt to remind me that you can get passed the dark times of life.